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Being somewhat skeptical of credit repair I was totally surprised by what Cap Stone Credit Repair was able to accomplish, and how affordable their program was. I went from a score of 510 to 715 within a year. My life has completely changed because of this. I would highly recommend their company to ANYONE!!

M. Mizell
Garland, Tx

If you have any doubts about this company and their ability, call me. “They deliver”.

G. Rees
Little Elm, Tx

We learned to live without credit, and then we had children. I cannot tell you how much easier our lives have become since our credit situation has been improved. I would whole heartedly recommend Cap Stone Credit Repair to everyone.

S. Copeland
San Antonio, Tx

I don’t know how I survived without credit, now that I actually have it. My score went up to 695 in no time. I’ve been able to recently buy a house and feel like I’m actually making some head-way now.
These guys are GREAT.

R. Reynolds
Dallas, Tx

I could write a book on the effects Cap Stone Credit Repair has had on my life. Positive credit has greatly improved my self-esteem, allowed me to improve my surroundings, and allowed me to acquire the necessities without paying twice the cost. Like a lot of individuals, I hesitated, but Cap Stone Credit Repair was instrumental in my new lease on life.

​J. Kirkendall
Duncanville, Tx

These are but a few of the many individuals we have successfully helped. Their lives have had a direct and positive change as the result of their improved credit. You do not have to endure the difficulties of unjustified and unwarranted credit. Cap Stone Credit Repair LLC, is ready to assist you, so take that first step and contact us today.

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